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Consider them a good starting place to figure out what you like and don’t like. The single leaf that literally wraps the outside of the cigar. It imparts around 60 percent of the cigar’s final flavors. Its flavors have to do with its country of origin, the way it’s grown (in the sun or shaded) and the type of tobacco plant.

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The innermost leaves rolled within a cigar, almost always a blend of different types of leaves. The tobacco that helps hold a cigar together. It must be the strongest leaf in a cigar, but also imparts flavor.: The diameter of a cigar, measured by sixty-fourths of an inch. The bigger the ring gauge, the bigger the diameter.

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Make sure not to cut off the entire cap, which will unravel the wrapper. The end of a cigar that is lit. Smell this end before lighting to get a whiff of all the tobacco inside. Are not the same. The strength of a cigar has to do with how powerfully its nicotine affects the smoker; the body has to do with the impact of the cigar’s flavors in the mouth, its mouthfeel, and its overall richness.

Its flavors have to do with its country of origin, the way it’s grown (in the sun or shaded), and the type of tobacco plant. “Before you light it, you’ve got to cut it. The trick with a cut is when you look at any cigar, any shape, you can see where the roller has rolled an extra cap line between the wrapper of the cigar and head of the cigar.

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You’re only removing the cap. You’re not cutting into the wrapper. If you cut into the wrapper, i. e. you cut a little too much off of the top, it will start to unravel and fall apart in your mouth. There are several different kinds of cuts: A straight cut is the classic way to do it.” — Pierre Rogers“[Use] a match or a butane lighter.

You want the cigar to be a quarter inch to an inch above the flame, and you want to toast the foot of that cigar. Rotate the cigar and toast. You should be literally toasting it. Browning just the edges, just barely. Don’t get any char or flame on the wrapper.

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Allow the sulfur head to dissipate, because you don’t want to pull any of that into the cigar.” — Pierre Rogers“One of my tips about maximizing the enjoyment of any cigar, cheap or expensive, new or old, is to keep the cherry cooler. You do that by taking long, slow, easy draws on the cigar.

That’s a way to create acidity, acridness, and a burnt carbon taste. — Pierre Rogers“Allow the smoke to come into your palate from the tip of your tongue, front to back and side to side. You don’t want to push all that smoke out too rapidly. Just gently exhale the smoke.

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It’s just for the flavor. So think about how that flavor hits your tongue. Start with the basic ones. Is it salty? Sweet? Bitter? Sour? Those are basics. We tend to all agree on those things. — Pierre Rogers“The best way to do it is a light touch on the bottashtray ash tray, and roll the cigar to let the ash fall off.

You want to keep it well lit but cool. There’s a perfect ratio. If you don’t smoke your cigar fast enough, because there are no additives in a cigar, it’ll go out. The cherry gets too cool. However if you start puffing away on it, and the cherry becomes really bright, it becomes bitter and acrid, and you don’t want that.

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“It’s warm and rich, but it’s also soft and very approachable.” According to him, the best examples come from the Dominican Republic; they also tend to have a Connecticut wrapper, which is golden and light in color. “The flavor tends to be very subtle and soft,” Rogers says. “No sharp edges, no bitterness.

That’s what a great mild cigar is to me.” An approachable, balanced, and affordable cigar with fantastic construction. “They do a great job with all the finesse that goes into it — the branding, packaging, and the nuance of the cigar itself — and at a very reasonable price point,” Rogers says.